Day 1 - Mbashe Mouth

The first task is to cross the wide Mbashe river with help of a canoe arranged through Haven Hotel

Day 1 - Mendu Point

After a beach walk of about 5km you will reach this point. Look out for whale bones and remains of a wreck off the point.

Day 1 - Dwesa Point

Grassy paths take you through some bush and on to the Bluff set high above the sea. Look out for whales and dolphins

Day 1 - Nqabara Village

After hiking through the Dwesa reserve you will round one more point with scattered huts. Nqabara Lodge is in sight.

Day 2 - KwaGoqo Estuary

After a long beach walk to Beecham Wood, rest awhile at one of the lovely estuary mouths on the way

Day 2 - Shixini River

The only river crossing on your 2nd day. Try and approach at low tide where you will be met by your guide.

Day 2 - Bays and Rocks

Follow the coastline just above the rocks to Kob Inn. Many picturesque bays invite you for a swim

Day 2 - Qora at Kob Inn

Your destination at Kob Inn is located just north of the beautiful Qora estuary.